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Getting Help

While mental health is being talked about more than ever before, there is still a stigma surrounding mental illness that needs to be addressed. Below, you will find mental health supports that may be available. 

Crisis Resources

211 Alberta

211 is an essential service that helps Albertans find the right resource or service for whatever issue they need help with, at the right time. 211 is available 24/7 by phone, text and chat. The service is free, confidential and available in over 170 languages over the phone


dial 2-1-1

Big Brothers Big Sisters

No-cost mentoring programs strive to reach young people who face adversity and are in need of an additional supportive relationship. Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies formally match young people with an adult volunteer Mentor.



Central AB Sexual Assault Support Center

We specialize in healing sexual trauma so you can talk freely about the hard stuff with no judgement. We provide a range of support services for individuals who are affected by sexual violence including counselling, play therapy, police and court support, crisis support and education.



Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre Society

We are often the first step in a woman navigating her pregnancy decision or taking a new step in the right direction toward sexual and reproductive health.



Central Alberta Victim & Wellness Support

Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society is a non-profit organization with an incredible team of staff and volunteers who offer direct and immediate support, information and referrals for victims & witnesses of crime and tragedy. In the event of trauma or victimization, know that you are not alone. Our trained Advocates can assist in difficult times of crisis by providing caring, compassionate support and offering a wide realm of resources.



Central Alberta's Safe Harbour Society for Health and Housing

ADDICTION - It’s not just the individual experiencing the addiction that we support. Safe Harbour stands beside these families and offers them resources and support as they keep that thread of connection to their loved ones however they can.



Access Addiction and Mental Health - Central Access and Triage

Provides a single point of access for individuals of all ages residing in North, Central or South zones who have addiction and / or mental health concerns.



Canadian Mental Health Association

All Mental health Support


NEED HELP?1-877-303-2642

Central Alberta Outreach Society

If you are in central Alberta, and experiencing the effects of domestic violence, suicide, homelessness, and the effects of poverty – we have services for you. We strive to create a safe environment for people and their supports.



Central Alberta Pride Society

Central Alberta Pride Society was founded in 2012 to bring LGBTQ2S+ awareness and community to Red Deer and surrounding areas. The name was intentionally chosen to be inclusive of urban and rural areas surrounding Red Deer, recognizing that LGBTQIA2S+ people exist beyond city limits.



Central Alberta Women's Shelter

The Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter offers safe refuge, case management, and community suport for families experiencing family violence.


Need Help?1-888-346-5643

Cosmos Community Disability Services Foundation

Our diverse range of services includes workplace training and career services, community volunteerism, computer training, life skills workshops, community inclusion and recreational support for peoples with disabilities.



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