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About Gulls Give

Great communities and teams are built on the principles of teamwork. Our foundation was formed to create a community within a community, aiming to make a difference in vulnerable populations. Whether it big or small we aim to make a difference.

Jennifer & Graham Schetzsle

From the beginning, the Sylvan Lake Gulls have promised to make a difference by embracing and supporting the vulnerable populations of our central Alberta communities. The inception of the Gulls Give Foundation, a non-profit foundation, came hand in hand with the Gulls baseball team in 2019 introduced by Graham and Jennifer Schetzsle. The Gulls Give Foundation has been created to give back in positive and meaningful ways, by engaging with organizations who are focused on delivering programs that align with our mission and vision statements.


Thanks to the generosity of our valued Gulls baseball fans, players, the Gulls Give Foundation Board of Directors and the H4 Sports Entertainment Investor group, the foundation is celebrating its reinvestment back into our central Alberta community. The Gulls Give Foundation financials are carefully monitored and audited on a yearly basis.



The Gulls Give Foundation is committed to building community opportunities that advocate, educate, and create capacity to enhance the mental health and wellness of Central Alberta's most vulnerable citizens.

The mental health and wellness of Central Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens are inspired and supported through inclusion and education.


Guiding Principles

We will identify gaps within our communities to fulfill in regards to our mission and vision statement.

We will provide a collaborative and regional approach to assist in Central Alberta's needs.

We will strive to be progressive and remain informed of the ongoing needs of our communities.

Solution-focused will continue to be at the forefront of our vision and mission.

We will keep our communities informed of our collaborations.

Where We Are Helping


Meet our Board of Directors. 

Jennifer Schetzsle


Veteran, AB

Tom Rodzinyak

Vice President

Red Deer, AB

Keri Lee

Executive Director

Red Deer, AB

Chaylene Thompson


Red Deer, AB

Graham Schetzsle


Veteran, AB

Rebecca Parsons


Sylvan Lake, AB

Christine Galipeau


Sylvan Lake, AB

Serena Reid


Sylvan Lake, AB

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